11 Degrees
entertainment + event specialists
+64 (09) 445 2561
Auckland, New Zealand
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11degrees Entertainment Ltd is 100% dedicated to providing entertainment and service that consistently exceeds the expectation of our customers.

So why the name "11degrees?"...

(Apart from some strong numerology relating to Brendon, an easy to remember name and effective logo)

"Take the best product that we've provided to date and our aim is to work to improve it by at least 11% - that's our first target!" sayes Brendon.

"It's realistic and achievable". "From there we have the building blocks to forge strong partnerships with our clients (internal and external), work together to the next 11% and the rest should take care of itself!".

Whether big or small, we believe we have the complete product that redefines the level of live entertainment in the industry.

So why settle for less when you can have the best!

As the key supplier to Dean Lonergan Events of the musical entertainment for Fight for Life and Cirque events we have a proven record that we have what it takes to really "pack a punch" so why look any further?



3._Brendon__Web_.JPG Musical Director / Musician / DJ / Manager / Sound Engineer       
       ...and so much more!!


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